The new Casio V-R100 is our the latest system, and uses an Android platform just like your phone. Including the apps!

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Android™ Platform

The V-R100 comes with preinstalled apps:

Sales information management
The V-R100 provides extensive analysis functions that can be categorised by product, department or group. Evaluations can also be made by time period.
Customer management
The V-R100 links the customer database to turnover data, making it easy to analyse purchasing behaviour, frequency and turnover for each individual customer, thereby enabling you to identify preferred customers, for example. The business support terminal can also send newsletters to customers by email (with their prior consent).
Reservation management
The V-R100 can make different kinds of customer reservations, including reservations for meals etc. You can use the V-R100 customer management and sales data management tools to manage names of customers and their reservation details.
Remote monitoring by email
If the V-R100 receives emails with functions or commands, these instructions can be activated automatically. You can also monitor sales data from virtually anywhere.

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  Android Apps

Pre-Installed Apps

The V-R100 business support terminal operates on the Android™ platform. A software development kit (SDK) can be used to develop custom applications that enable the cash register to be easily integrated into existing structures for the Retail, Hospitality sector and other service providers.

V-R100 Flexible

Flexible Usage

The V-R100 is extremely compact and is quick and easy to adjust to your individual requirements and the demands of day-to-day business. Its small dimensions (39.5 cm wide, 23.7 cm deep and 22.9 cm high) mean the V-R100 can be installed quickly and easily while saving space. The system also features an optional cash drawer so that it can be used like a cash register.

V-R100 Touch Screen

Individual with multi-touchscreen

The 10.4 inch colour LCD screen with touchscreen function makes the device particularly quick and easy to use in restaurants. You can use various large buttons to adjust the V-R100 to your individual requirements. An intelligent and individual solution also allows you to assign images to individual buttons, making it easier to identify certain functions.

V-R100 Clear Display

Clear display

The rear customer display can be extended and rotated, and is ideal for displaying information to customers. The clear, easy-to-read operator display has a capacity of up to 20 characters for text.

V-R100 Printer

Sales receipts with high-speed thermal printer

The integrated high-speed thermal printer with 58 mm receipt roll meets the demands of even the busiest businesses while offering impressive print speed and outstanding quality. The "drop-in" paper loading system makes changing the paper roll quick and easy, and the automatic receipt cutting function is effective and saves time. You can also use the V-R100 thermal printer to create watermarks and graphic logos.

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