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Touch Screen Terminals

This page includes Touch Screen models that are at the forefront of modern technology. These models are particularly suited to bars, restaurants and clubs etc. They look good on the counter and they are packed with easy to use features. Favourites for management and staff alike.


The V-R100 business support terminal operates on the Android™ platform. A software development kit (SDK) can be used to develop custom applications that enable the cash register to be easily integrated into existing structures for the Retail, Hospitality sector and other service providers. View Details

QT 6600

The QT-6600 has a large touch panel and stable system integrity which permits easy operation and improves speed and efficiency for businesses in the hospitality environment. With 70 items on a single screen and multiple menu shifts available, simple operation is assured. Every item can be linked to a graphic image for further enhanced ease of use. Includes rear customer display as standard. View Details

QT 6100

The QT-6100 is a new model built on the success of it's predecessor, the QT6000F. This was CASIO's flagship model and the success is continued as the QT6100 captures the hospitality market on price and functions. This new facelift model has all the features required in a fast moving environment with it's positive touch screen entry, bright colour keys and advanced features.

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