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Orderman Don

Orderman Don Handheld
  • Display: 20-line graphic display; 30 characters per line, backlight
  • DON menu: with backlight, printable with up to 60 groups of items or quick-billing ? elds. Easily changed using DON menu card lock.
  • Case: highly resilient plastic, resistant to
    impact and breakage
  • Dimensions: 179x81x22 mm
  • Weight: handheld unit: 185g, battery: 40g
  • Operating period: up to 16 h (depending on backlight use)
  • Battery charging: with plug in power supply on the
    ORDERMAN® : approx. 4 h.
    approx. 60 min in charging station
  • Range / Base station2: indoors: up to 50m outdoors: up to 300m
    indoor coverage area: up to 7,800 m2
  • Expandable: up to 128 ORDERMAN® units per router / 8 per base station2
  • Data transmission: bidirectional, on free ISM band

    *You will need an Orderman BaseStation in order to use the Orderman Handhelds. Up to 4 Handhelds to 1 basestation.

    Specs are subject to change w/o notice.
Price : £950.00 (exc vat)

When ordering this item, we also provide

1 x Charging Station, Full Programming, 1 x Battery, 1 x Belt Pouch, 1 x Stylus, 1 x Belt Cord
+ 1 year onsite support for 25 miles!


Orderman ChargerOrderman BatteryStylusBelt PouchAttachment Cord


The perfect introduction to radio ordering: quality and technology from the market leader at a
highly attractive price.

Orderman Don is an easy decision to make. Pick up the original and start taking advantage of the many
benefits of an Orderman system.

Personalised Menucard

The lower section of the touch display is individually tailored to your establishment, with your most common meals and drinks assigned a position and a colour. This means that most orders can be placed with a single touch: sheer speed, Orderman style.

Inputs with touch and pen

Intuitive, user-friendly inputs by touch or using a pen. Thanks to the personalised Menucard, the most common meals and drinks can be ordered with one touch.



Thanks to special seals and bonding technology, the Don is protected against moisture ingress. Class IPX4 water resistance guarantees interruption-free operation in all situations.

Fax function

When your guests want something extra, take it in your stride with the Max fax function. Simply write the special request onto the display field and send it to the kitchen or bar. Job done.


Extremely hard-wearing casing

Outstanding fall/fracture safety to a height of 1.2 metres, with a highly robust, impact- and shock-proof plastic casing. The unit is ideally equipped to cope with the tough conditions of the catering trade.

Long battery life

The lithium-ion battery stores enough power for a long working day. The battery life of up to 16 hours' continuous online operation speaks volumes.


Charging station

In just one hour, the charging station loads the battery for up to 16 hours' operation. At the same time, a built-in control loop protects the battery during reload. As a useful extra, the reserve battery can be charged at the same time.


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